(1) Support

For questions and suggestions please emails us at airpodtracker@novasoft.ro.

(2) F.A.Q.

How does it work?

Move around so that the signal strength increases.

Why can't I see my device?

Sometimes not all devices are visible because they are turned off, too far away or just not sending a signal.

Why are the numbers unstable?

The displayed signal strength is not stable because of the connection type and possible obstacles between you and your device.

Why can I see unknown devices?

This app can't distinguish between the nearby devices that belong to you or to your neighbours.

How to find a single AirPod?

Put the other one in the AirPod case and close it. Then wait 5 seconds and continue.

How to find the AirPod case?

The AirPod case itself doesn't send a signal.

How to find other Apple devices?

You may only be able to see Apple devices that are associated with your Apple ID.